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Denver Catholic Homeschoolers
Denver Catholic Homeschoolers (DCH) is a homeschooling support group for Catholic home educating families in the Denver metro area (and surrounding areas of Colorado). This site is our online communication network. Our focus is on topics and discussions related to homeschooling and our Catholic faith and the promotion of educational and faith formation activities for Catholic homeschool families in our local community. The group moderators reserve the right to remove, lock, or moderate posts/discussion at our discretion. Members in the DCH group should meet the requirement in each of these three categories: Denver Members should live in the Denver metro area. Membership can be extended to those along the Front Range and more rural regions of Colorado if there is a firm desire to connect and participate in activities in the Denver metro area. If planning to move to this area, your move should be scheduled within the next six months. Catholic Members should be Catholic, married to a Catholic, or in process of becoming Catholic. Homeschoolers (one of the three) * Currently homeschooling - Have at least one student who is being homeschooled under the current Colorado homeschool law s or is registered with a Colorado homeschool umbrella school. Students should be 6 years old on or before August 1 of the current school year. * Planning to homeschool - Applies when a ll children are under the age of compulsory education (not yet age 6 by Aug 1), but parent is planning on homeschooling when the oldest child reaches this age. Also applies to those who have children in school , but have a firm desire and plan to remove their children from school and begin homeschooling within the next three months. * Alumni homeschoolers - H ave graduated at least one senior from homeschooling (high school) and is committed to participating in our community, e.g. mentorship, event planning/participation, conference attendance/speaking, resource sharing, teaching, volunteer work, etc.
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Subgroups You Can Join

Location Focused

These subgroups are for members from a particular parish or geographic area of Denver metro/Colorado to connect and communicate.

  • Douglas County Catholic Home Educators
    This is a subgroup of the Denver Catholic Homeschoolers Group. Membership to this group is limited to Catholic Homeschoolers in East Douglas County and Elbert County (Parker, Castle Rock, Castle Pines,Franktown, Elizabeth). The main purpose of this group is to foster in-person community within our particular region, through activities, events, park days, play dates, mom's night out, and whole family gatherings. Members are encouraged to post their own events and get-togethers. Other posts regarding homeschool support, curricula questions, family life, faith formation, etc. are allowed. Political posts are not allowed. Rather, please join the Public Square subgroup if you wish to join discussion in the political sphere.
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  • North East DCH
    Welcome to the North East DCH homeschool group. We are a group composed of Catholic homeschoolers living within the boundary east of I-25 and North of I-70. This community exists to be a support to all those homeschooling with the shared interest of imparting our Catholic faith to our children.  In this forum we will share field trips, mom’s night out opportunities, feast day celebrations, homeschool tips, book  clubs and many other occasions to grow as a community of Catholic homeschoolers. When posting please use the #Northeast, to reach our specific community boundary more intentionally. For any questions, suggestions or concerns please contact Brittany Diegel or Jenniffer Trostel.
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Topic Focused

These subgroups are for members to participate in discussions with specific topical focus (ex: an educational philosophy)

  • DCH High School
    *DCH High School is a subgroup of Denver Catholic Homeschoolers.  The mission of this subgroup is to create a unique mini community for discussion, fellowship, support and activity planning for those homeschooling through high school.  This is a special time of homeschooling and additional support and encouragement for parents and opportunities for social interactions and friendships for the homeschooled high school students is vital.* *Membership criteria:* Membership to DCH High School is limited to families currently homeschooling at least one high school aged student (in accordance with CO homeschooling law - not temporary home schooling or online schooling through traditional school). Exceptions: * Intending - Member has an 8th grader who will be homeschooled for high school. (can join 6 months prior) * Alumni - Member who is veteran homeschooler whose children were homeschooled through high school but have graduated. (current/most recent high schooler is/was homeschooled) *Discussion Topic Examples:* * curriculum * teaching methods * learning styles * integrating faith and homeschooling * record keeping/transcripts * testing * enrichment ideas * social issues * peer issues * college planning * career/trade planning * gap years * super seniors
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  • Public Square
    Welcome to Public Square. We are a subgroup of Denver Catholic Homeschoolers, devoted to the political sphere. Please remember charity before posting or responding to any post. Although at times we may have differing opinions, we are all on the side of Christ, seeking the Truth. Online communication lacks personal connection, tone/inflection, etc. We must take efforts to ensure our posts are charitable. Likewise, when reading the posts of others, one ought to presume a positive intention.   If you are posting anything factual, please add links to the sites you acquired that information from, so facts and opinions can be quickly sifted through. Jesus, Mary and Joseph pray for us and help us find the truth in all things and the beauty in all people. "God made the angels to show Him splendor, as He made animals for innocence and plants for their simplicity. But Man He made to serve Him wittily, in the tangle of his mind." St. Thomas More Moderators Kate Feltes Angie Flees Katie Hartley
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