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Denver Catholic Homeschoolers (DCH) is a homeschooling support group for Catholic home educating families in the Denver metro area (and surrounding areas of Colorado). This site is our online communication network. Our focus is on topics and discussions related to homeschooling and our Catholic faith and the promotion of educational and faith formation activities for Catholic homeschool families in our local community.  
The group moderators reserve the right to remove, lock, or moderate posts/discussion at our discretion. 

Members in the DCH group should meet the requirement in each of these three categories: 
Members should live in the Denver metro area. Membership can be extended to those along the Front Range and more rural regions of Colorado if there is a firm desire to connect and participate in activities in the Denver metro area. If planning to move to this area, your move should be scheduled within the next six months. 
Members should be Catholic, married to a Catholic, or in process of becoming Catholic.
Homeschoolers (one of the three)
  • Currently homeschooling - Have at least one student who is being homeschooled under the current Colorado homeschool laws or is registered with a Colorado homeschool umbrella school. Students should be 6 years old on or before August 1 of the current school year.

  • Planning to homeschool Applies when all children are under the age of compulsory education (not yet age 6 by Aug 1), but parent is planning on homeschooling when the oldest child reaches this age. Also applies to those who have children in school, but have a firm desire and plan to remove their children from school and begin homeschooling within the next three months.

  • Alumni homeschoolers Have graduated at least one senior from homeschooling (high school) and is committed to participating in our community, e.g. mentorship, event planning/participation, conference attendance/speaking, resource sharing, teaching, volunteer work, etc.

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